Who Are

Zero Three Digital?

A Digital Marketing Agency That Does Things A Little Differently.

It all started with a desire to help

I was approached by an associate to help Home Instead with client and CAREGiver acquisition during the  pandemic.

Over the last 18 months, I have had a fantastic experience working with Home Instead offices across the UK and helping them to grow online.

What I love about working with Home Instead is that although everyone is part of this huge brand with the same goals, each office has a unique personality, its own reason to be doing this and it’s celebrating their individuality that I love the most, oh, and helping them to grow their business too.

During this time I have gone from being a marketing manager for agencies to a freelancer to having a team of 12.

I am Alix, founder and director of Zero Three Digital. Let’s explore how we can work together

What We Know About Glenholme

(so far)

Glenholme provides truly individualised care for the elderly and those who require nursing care, as well as adults with severe learning disabilities and a variety of complex needs. 

From looking at your online presence, Glenholme have a fantastic team spirit and strong passion to be helping those in need.

Typically 100 vacancies across the facilities

Heavily reliant on Indeed but looking to expand reach online via various digital channels

Have used Facebook previously but not for integrated campaigns

Want to explore options available

Diving Into Our Research

Did you know that it is estimated that over 5.6 billion searches happen per day on Google?

And that Google is so powerful it became a verb? I’ll just Google it

This makes Google an incredible opportunity for both candidates and clients

A Quick Look at Keywords

Keyword - Care Home Jobs


Despite the high number of searches the keyword difficulty is low making it a great opportunity for optimised content to rank.


This search currently receives 3200 searches per month in the UK.

We can refine the search to target local areas.

While the metrics show smaller values, the location this keyword is targeting has a Glenholme site.

The Difficulty is super easy and a great opportunity to rank

This search currently receives 90 searches per month in the UK. This is a high number for a local area. Please note that this is data pulled from a tool and not 100% accurate, typically this number is larger

What is a geogrid?

A geogrid represents the position your Google Business Profile ranks in the Google Maps (the map pack) by using an API, we can pull the rank of Google Business profiles and compare against competitors.

Here is Glenholme Holdingham Grange Care Home in Sleaford

We searched the keyword - Care Home Jobs

The number represents the position

Keyword - Care Home Jobs

GEO Grids

Glenholme Holdingham Grange Care Home Sleaford

Though this looks bad, there is a stepping stone at the centre of the grid.

This allows us to optimise and grow the profile for that term

GEO Grids

Home Instead Ruislip

By optimising the Home Instead Ruislip profile for home care jobs, we were able to gain these positions.

Keyword - Home Care Jobs

Keyword - Home Care Jobs

GEO Grids

Home Instead Hereford

Here is another example of the success we have had in the past. This campaign is on going but as you can see there is a drastic difference in the rankings for the areas they are targeting for recruitment.

GEO Grids

Glenholme Healthcare Group Sleaford

Here we can see where the profile is located, there is a little ranking power for this term. Another great opportunity to expand reach

Keyword - Care Home Jobs

The ranking power that is already present shows us that:

1: It is possible to rank in these areas for that search term

2: The power that is already there will help us to improve and expand our positions

3: There are big opportunities to use our Google Business Profiles as recruitment platforms to raise awareness and capture searches.

What We Love!


By highlighting the personalities of the facilities you have, we identified a number of opportunities you can explore to help with both recruitment and client acquisition.

Advertising on social media to raise awareness - Have you considered a job in care?

SEO for jobs - Utilise and capture the searches in your areas from people who are actively looking for jobs

Local SEO - Create pages on the website that are optimised for local areas to help build entities within Google

GBP - Use your Google Business Profile (Google Maps Profile) to optimise for keywords and search terms. Post regularly to the platforms. We have noticed competitors have started to copy us


Social Media Advertising

What does that look like and what does it include?


Optimising Website & Utilising the power of SEO

Google Business Profile

Optimising the profiles and uniting them across the areas we serve

Social Media Advertising

What does it include?

Monthly research of the facility and local competitors

Graphic creation - Branded and personalised

Ad Management

Data analysis

Continuous testing and improvement

Persona creation for each area

Social media profile management for Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin

Social Media Examples

Example graphics for facebook ads and GBP posts

Social Media Examples

Example Video for recruitment

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Utilising Google and other search engines, we can optimise the website to support the demand of searches around care jobs. What Does it Include?

Keyword research

Competitor research

Entity optimised content

Optimised Landing Pages

Optimised Job Specs

GBP - Optimising/Creating Profiles (GBP = Google Business Profile)

Raise brand awareness and unite the profiles to support the Glenholme messaging. 

Utilise the profiles to optimise for searches for recruitment and client acquisition.

What Does it Include?

GBP Profile Management

GBP Post Management including post creation, graphic creation and post scheduling

Optimisation of the profiles to rank for multiple keywords in multiple areas

Packages Available

Silver Package: Social Media Advertising - Facebook & Instagram:

Gold Package: Social Media Advertising Plus - Fb, Ig, LinkedIn & Indeed

Platinum Package: All Social Media Advertising & Google Business Profile Management

Diamond Package: Social Media Advertising, Google Business Profile & SEO

Questions for you to consider

What are your questions for us?