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    Zero Three Digital’s
    Paid advertising Campaigns will:

    Raise audience
    awareness of your business
    Send more
    traffic to your website
    Give your business
    better visibility in search results

    What Is
    Paid Advertising?

    As the name suggests, paid advertising is a form of advertising that you pay for. Marketers pay the owner of an advertising space in exchange for its use. The price paid for the ad space is usually settled through a bidding process between marketers and the ad space owner.

    Think of paid advertisements as billboards for the traffic that passes through your industry online. They let your audience know that you exist!

    How Does
    Paid Advertising Work?

    There are a few categories, including PPC (pay-per-click), PPI (pay-per-impression), and display ads. Google Ads & Facebook Ads are the most common advertising channels along with LinkedIn & Instagram

    Google Ads appear above organic search results, and sometimes the bottom, of a SERP (search engine results page). Companies bid for certain keywords so that their ad shows up when a particular term is searched.

    Why is
    Paid Advertising Important?

    Paid Advertising is an important addition to any Digital marketing strategy as efficient marketing campaigns capitalise on all channels for online advertising.

    Including Paid Ads in your Digital marketing strategy or SEO Strategy can see your company listed at the top of any Search engine results page. When properly implemented you can augment any organic traffic that you’re already receiving.

    Although paid advertising costs more than owned or earned advertising, paid advertising is great for instant visibility and a powerful way for you to collect data on your target audiences.

    Paid Advertising also Takes place on social media. A good social media strategy often includes paid advertising to maximise on any traffic that can be gained through a social media campaign. Any given social platform has it’s own algorithms that will show relevant content to users.

    Paid Advertising
    Done Correctly

    Brand Awareness

    Digital advertising campaigns do a lot to raise brand awareness. The simple fact that people are more likely to see your business on facebook, Google and Linkedin will raise the awareness of your existence to your audience.

    This will have people associating your name with your industry.

    Keyword Strategy

    Keyword research doesn’t stop at on page optimisation. Bidding for keywords for PPC on search engines relies heavily on knowing which ones are going to be the best for your business. It’s essential to target the right keywords, not just in a cost effective way, but also considering traffic, relevance and conversion rates.

    Savvy bidding will better help you reach your business goals.


    While Ad space on Google doesn’t receive as many clicks, it still receives a decent amount of attention from your potential customers.

    Appearing as many times as possible on a SERP will maximise your potential traffic and ultimately, increase your conversion rates.

    The Benefits of having an Agency
    Handle Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

    Bidding on relevant keywords to get your ad seen by prospective customers is easy enough, but knowing what to bid on and why is where it can get tricky. It can be easy to bid on negative keywords without proper research.

    It’s alright knowing what your company is about and what you do but have you used the right language? Is what you’re bidding on what people are searching for? The keyword or space might seem reasonably priced and you might think you’ve got it right, but if you haven’t, you’ve just wasted your time and money with no results to show for any of it.

    An experienced agency knows what does and doesn’t work, and if they don’t? They have the time and resources to find out!

    The Zero Three Digital
    Paid Advertising Management Service

    Having the proper strategy in place when it comes to paid advertising campaigns is crucial to their success. Going in guns blazing without knowing what’s the best option will ultimately end up wasting your money.

    It takes time to do the proper research to gain the knowledge needed to succeed. Time that you don’t have to spare while running your business.

    That’s where
    we come in.

    We have the skills needed to correctly identify the best places for you to advertise. Through dedicated market and keyword research, we take the time and responsibility to enact the whole process and monitor the outcomes of your campaign.

    Throughout the course of your campaign, we will optimise your digital strategy to make sure we’re consistently improving performance while gaining you the best value from your marketing budget.

    Our services are bespoke, because we understand that different businesses and industries have different target markets and audiences.
    Whatever your brand’s mission or challenges, we can identify the means to take them on and deliver the best service possible.

    The Services We Can Offer You & Your Business

    Utilising our brand of research and analysis our paid advertising campaigns include:

    Paid Advertising FAQ's

    All of your burning Questions about CPC and Paid Advertising answered here!

    Paid media can be a good way to reach more people, get more clicks, and get more traffic for your business. People who might not have found you if they didn’t see your sponsored content can now learn more about your business.

    Paid ads one of the best ways to advertise. People who use social media ads don’t have to put in the same amount of time and effort as people who use traditional advertising. Most people can see them, so any business can advertise on social media. This means that almost everyone can see them.

    Paid social media advertising is when companies pay to have their material shared with specific new targeted audiences who are likely to be interested, either by “boosting” their organic content or crafting customised adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

    Step 1: Define your budget.
    Step 2: Define your objective and choose a platform.
    Step 3: Clearly define target audience.
    Step 4: Define start and end dates of the campaign and bid level.  
    Step 5: Launch campaign.

    These are the steps that we follow to help you organise and launch your ad campaign 

    First it’s time to talk us! We can help you define your budget and the objectives you can achieve with it. We will look at things like your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and your target audience to find the best ways and places to advertise for you. All we need then is the start and end dates of your campaign and we handle the rest.

    Correctly implementing these services will:
    Raise audience
    awareness of your business
    Send more
    traffic to your website
    Give your business
    better visibility in search results

    We Work For You

    Our custom services are tailored to your business meaning we will get the right traffic, from your target audience. Our methods allow us to pinpoint a single location or a wide area on a map to pull traffic from your entire area of business.

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